At NASS, we combine strong design concepts with technical expertise to develop solutions that deliver maximum visual impact in retail stores while meeting practical needs. Regardless of the purpose and place of displaying the product, cooperation at the very beginning plays a key role. This is when we listen to the client’s suggestions, presenting the available options from the point of view of the project. Then we implement the vision.


Beautifully designed tin packaging in any shape or size can make the consumer choose the one that differs significantly from the competition when choosing a product standing on the shelf. That is why the aspect of graphic design and finishes used in cans is so important.

Our graphic designers create small works of art that reflect a given brand, and through words and images they say everything that needs to be said on the packaging. We design high-quality metal packaging based on printing, varnishes, coatings, stamping, engraving and laser cutting, if it is justified by the design and technologically feasible.


We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers of tinplate packaging, serving brands and retailers of major brands around the world. All production plants meet international quality certification standards and undergo regular technical assessments.

NASS offers a comprehensive service from concept to delivery of the packaging with a strong emphasis on the quality supervision of the entire project.