Wine label

The Italian wine producer asked NASS to create a classic label that reflects the nature of the wine produced. The intention of the client was to present a winery with traditions and to reflect the natural qualities of the wine in the PREMIUM class label.


The label designs created for the new wine line are based on a classic style and vintage elements to illustrate the natural origin of the wine. Classic design and refined print in conjunction with handmade paper allows you to present the products as PREMIUM class, which has a significant impact on sales.


Wine labels are a special type of brand – treated as luxury labels, for marking PREMIUM class products, produced with the use of many printing refinement techniques, such as: printed on specialized raw materials, transparent or translucent, on metallized films, gilded, silver-plated, fully varnished or selectively. Alcohol producers compete in designing original, eye-catching packaging – we try to meet these expectations by adjusting the label to individual customer preferences and market demand.