At NASS Design, we build brands from the ground up, refresh existing ones, create beautiful brand worlds, and design packaging that captivates both on the shelf and online. We’re here to ensure your brand stands out and remains memorable throughout your customers’ journey. Operating as your brand’s best friends, we support you in overcoming any challenges. Get in touch with NASS Design, and we’ll show you how we can help!


Managing Director

Grzegorz Kolendowicz

Creative Director

Marcin Jastrzębski

Project Manager

Patrycja matusiak

Coordinator for Foreign Markets

“NASS Design emanates a captivating, sophisticated, and unparalleled design essence. With a kaleidoscope of innovative concepts, each meticulously crafted with a touch of passion and a dash of ingenuity, they effortlessly weave magic into their creations. Their collaborative approach is nothing short of exemplary; seamlessly blending into our internal design ethos, fostering a partnership steeped in trust and commitment, a rarity in today’s landscape. After entrusting them with a series of pilot projects, their stellar performance and the sheer delight of stakeholders solidified our decision to welcome them into our agency fold, ensuring a reservoir of creativity for our future endeavors.”